OWL Paddle Care

OWL Paddle Care

Your OWL paddle is a groundbreaking product for the pickleball industry. Due to the patented design and cutting-edge nano technology and Acoustene™ surface, there are some unique care instructions to ensure your paddle continually delivers optimal performance, best-in-class experience, and extraordinary durability.

To prolong the life of your paddle, follow these best practices:

  • Always avoid paddle contact with anything other than a pickleball. Your OWL should only hit a pickleball!
  • Use guard tape if you are a new or aggressive player. (Your warranty will be void if the edge is damaged.)
  • Never expose your OWL paddle to extreme temperatures.
  • Never leave your paddle in the car overnight, in summer or winter, no matter where you live.
  • Avoid direct contact with any meaningful amount of water. Our exclusive AcousteneTM paddle covering is slightly water resistant, so you don’t have to worry if you’re caught in the rain.
  • We recommend having a dedicated pickleball paddle bag or case to protect your paddle from accidental damage.
  • Do not place your paddle next to or on top of other paddles when stored. Though the surface is abrasion-resistant with the pickleball, abrasion from other paddle surfaces could cause excessive wear.
  • When necessary, clean your OWL paddle grip with a damp microfiber cloth. Use water only. Do not use any cleaners or chemicals.
  • When necessary, clean your OWL paddle surface with a clean, soft brush. Do not use any cleaners or chemicals.

Additional Specific Use + Care Specific to the OWL:

  • Clean the surface ONLY if necessary as the design and technology is in place to ensure a clean surface all the time for optimal play.
  • Only use a clean soft brush. Do not use any chemicals.
  • Storage: Do not place the paddle next to/on top of other paddles when stored.
  • Though the surface is abrasion resistant with respect to a ball, abrasion from other paddles' surface could cause excessive wear.
  • The OWL team strongly recommends that you always wear eye protection when playing pickleball. Pickleballs can travel at high speeds, so safeguarding your eyes is a priority. Please remember to use a pair of sunglasses or approved protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the sun and potential impacts at all times when using OWL paddles.