All OWL paddles have been tested and certified by USA Pickleball and approved for all official and sanctioned USAP tournament, league and event play.

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This changes everything

The OWL is the most innovative performance paddle on the planet today. We are revolutionizing the sport so that everyone, from beginner to professional, can play how, when and where they want. Cutting-edge equipment for every player, without restrictions.

The first paddle qualifying for USA Pickleball’s new Quiet Category, OWL paddles reduce the noise of your game by more than 50%. More play, more times, more places.

Not just quieter. OWL’s proprietary technology means better play in every way, for every skill level. From comfort to power to precision, OWL paddles are simply the best playing paddles on the market.

Technology & Design Difference

The OWL paddle found inspiration from transformational brands like Apple and Tesla, who were bold enough to push past what conventional wisdom thought possible.

We set out to create the quietest paddle and, along the way, we pushed to make it the best playing paddle the industry had ever seen. Remarkably, we accomplished both. The OWL paddle is our gift to the pickleball world.

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Revolutionary Performance and Quiet Play

Pickleball-related noise ordinances and court restrictions are on the rise. People are tired of the POP. With OWL’s technology, you can be part of the solution. The OWL reduces the noise profile of your game by more than 50%, making the OWL the lowest-in-industry composite frequency and decibel profile in existence!

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The first paddle qualifying for USA Pickleball’s new Quiet Category

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Proprietary blend of paddle benefits including control, spin, power and touch.

Noise profile
Proprietary Acoustene™ sheath available nowhere else in the world

Larger sweet spot for enhanced accuracy for off-center impacts

Anti-head heavy design for incredible balance

Arm & elbow comfort
Unique vibration dampening layered construction for arm and elbow comfort 

Inside-out engineering built to deliver longer paddle performance.

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Our Partners

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Our Ambassadors & Partners
Are Talking About The OWL

John McEnroe

17-Time Grand Slam Champion

John McEnroe

“I think the OWL paddle technology is going to revolutionize the game of pickleball.

Unlike me, it is quiet but like me the OWL really performs and you know how much I like to win!”

Drew Brees

Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl MVP

Drew Brees

“It’s no secret I am an avid fan and Pickleball player. Being newly acquainted with the OWL paddle, I can say I’ve really enjoyed playing with it.

It’s a silent killer on the court, and I highly recommend it for players of all skill levels. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the difference it makes.”

Jessica Warren

Top APP Pro Player

Jessica Warren

“I’m amazed at how well the OWL paddle plays - I couldn’t believe the shots I was able to hit. It feels so comfortable on my arm and my elbow, giving me the ability to play better and longer.

For me as a pickleball pro, I’m not as concerned about noise. I play with the OWL because it is the best playing paddle I’ve ever hit. I can confidently say that anyone who plays with the OWL will instantly improve their game.”

Mike Nealy

CEO of USA Pickleball

Mike Nealy

"As USA Pickleball continues to invest in Quiet Category options for our sport and community, we could not be more pleased to work with the OWL Sport team on the launch of their paddle, which marks the very first certified Quiet Category paddle on the market.

We appreciate this collaboration with OWL Sport as they launch a paddle that allows for both a reduced acoustic footprint and excellent performance in competition. This marks an exciting milestone in our continued efforts to provide acoustics-related solutions to sound-sensitive locations."

Tracy Austin

3-Time Grand Slam Champion

Tracy Austin

"The Owl technology is going to save pickleball from its noisy pitfalls. The Owl has great feel and it’s easy on my arm. The intense, competitive passion I’ve always felt for tennis is now what so many people across the globe are feeling for pickleball, and I couldn’t be more proud to align with the OWL."